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Sundown Squares: Schedules & Locations

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Sundown Squares Contact Information:

DAGMAR - 619-596-2528 or
WAYNE - 619-559-1853

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La Mesa Enrichment Center

8450 La Mesa Blvd.
La Mesa, CA  91941
$5.00 / Party Nights (2nd Sunday) $6.00

Caller: Andy Allemao

Club Dancing 7:00 - 8:45
Plus with one Class Level tip

Air Conditioned Hall !!
Instructor: Andy Allemao

5:00 - 7:00  Lessons 
Basic Through Plus
Plus workshop during Club Dance

**** 2020 Event Schedule ****

**** July 2020 Party Night ****
( Cancelled )

**** 45th Anniversary Party 2020 ****

**** Christmas Party 2019 ****


**** Graduation Class of 2019 ****

Vincent & Sue Cooke, Kelsie Ray Dunlop, Paula Couvrette, Joan Abbot, David & Virginia Rodriguez, Paul Campbell,
Bob & Kathy Tritsch, Terry Ghianni, Jeff & Madison Beimler, Elta Oakes, Lori Fiori, and Tobi Gary


**** Psychedelic 60's" Dance, 2019 ****

Circulators Visitation!  They got their Banner Back and they captured our Banner!


July 2020 CALENDAR
(from the "Dancer Digest")

Due to the Coronavirus Stay-at-Home Order, there are no dances through the end of July!
The July "Dancer Digest" will not be published!
(See the "Bulletin Board" for Updates!)

November 2019 - Birthdays & Anniversary

September 8, 2019 - Rosanne's Going Away Party

"Happy Trails to You"

July 21, 2019 - Ruffles and Beaus Capture Our Banner

Meet nice people
.... It’s more than just a lot of fun …
.... It’s the physical exercise we all need ...
It’s great mental exercise too … keeps our brains working!!

Singles are welcomed.
 No rhythm necessary!
No experience necessary!!! 
 Two left feet almost a requirement!!!!
Great cardiovascular workout - balance and strength training
Way more fun than the gym!!

  We want you to discover just how much fun we are all having!

Couples and Singles are ALL invited to dance with us!
No fancy clothing is required, just dress comfortably. 

Please begin recruiting your friends and neighbors

for this most enjoyable club activity...
Great fun, exercise, social activity
and excellent way to make new friends.

Let's all work hard to recruit new members 

and keep our club active and enjoyable for all...


Sundown's Board for 2020

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